Pennies, Band Aids and Safety Pins: The Objects We Keep Hidden

This installation is about examining the personal objects people keep in their dresser drawers, either intentionally or absentmindedly, that reveal things about themselves and their relationships. The installation will consist of dressers presented like historical artifacts or museum displays. Each drawer will be dedicated and archived to the individual donor.

This blog will mainly consist of drawings of items that will be part of the installation. It will be interspersed with photos of the dressers and a general progression of the project.

The opening of the show will be July 7, 2012 in Franklin, New York.

I have been an artist for over 25 years and have lived in many places along the East coast of the United States. I went to the University of Florida and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in painting and drawing. Currently, during the month of April, I have a show of paintings, drawings and a short story in an exhibit titled, Hazel Was a Bear at the Bright Hill Literary Center.

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This exhibit is made possible in part with public funds from the New York State Council on the Arts Decentralization Program administered in Delaware County by the Roxbury Arts Group, Inc.

Special thanks to the Franklin Free Library, Village of Franklin for being my sponsor.

(Band Aid is a registered trademark for the Johnson and Johnson Corporation)

4 thoughts on “Info

  1. Interesting. When I was a kid, if we were ever left alone in the house….(which was rare in the 60’s when all Moms stayed home)….I would make a bee-line for my mother’s small top drawers in her dresser. There was such a rich assortment of unrelated, colorful stuff. I could stay busy for hours handling all the strange items and speculating what they might be…where they were from. I never asked my mother about them and never told her that I looked at it. I wonder if she knew!
    I’m looking forward to your exhibit.

    • Yes yes! I would look in my mom and dad’s dresser drawers too. My dad definitely had the kookier items, whereas mom’s happened to be costume/junk jewelery.

  2. me, I’m commenting here because I want to say I really like your drawings – your line – the feel you give things. such a lovely simplicity and directness. and I love the concept of discovering hidden away/forgotten/treasured things.

    • Aw thanks! I had a wonderful professor who was all about the line. I love drawing almost more than painting because the results are immediate. The intricacies of a line study/drawing are endless and I love that.

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