Lilliputian Compass

This is a drawing of an object that will be part of the installation. The installation will open in July 2012 and will consist of dressers and each drawer in the dresser will have junk drawer items in them.

I realise I have come up with some very tiny objects on this blog (Tiny Christmas Bulbs or Small Seashell Collection). Perhaps these items beings so small may be why I’ve been able to keep them hidden for so long.

Allow me to introduce to you the world’s smallest compass. My sister received this as part of a gift bag with assorted traveling paraphernalia back in the late 70′s and I sort of borrowed it from her and never gave it back. Terrible. I’m sorry sis for taking so many of your cool things.

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3 thoughts on “Lilliputian Compass

  1. Really, I like all your posts – so I’m clicking away on the ones I like best! I increasingly love this project, all your tiny pieces of history found in drawers. Your descriptions evoke many feelings and are wonderful.

  2. Thank you Pegs. As I am working more intently on the dressers and drawers, I’m beginning to realize the overwhelming intimacy these drawers are starting to display. Almost a life of their own.

    TBM, You so funny! I admit some of my items were “borrowed” from my sisters. I have 2 drawers that are strictly junk drawers I bought on ebay. Very fun and weird.

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