A gallery show

It is official, I have been invited to have this installation at the Earlville Opera House in Earlville NY from March 22-May 10.

The blog and show is back on.

I have some new additions and there will be some soundtrack adjustments. Stay tuned.


I would love to have pictures of everyone’s junk drawer. Come on, it’s fun. :) email them to me at paintergirlny@yahoo.com


Drawer #10


Drawer submitted by Linda. 

Drawer #9


Drawer submitted by Vedrana.

Drawer #8

download_004Dresser drawer submitted by Linda.


Drawer #7


Desk drawer by Linda.

Drawer #6


Drawer sent in by Jessica. I can relate to this.

Drawer #5


Desk drawer by Linda.

Drawer #4


A junk drawer sent in by Jessica.

Drawer #3


A dresser drawer sent in by Linda.